The Bright Future Of Bradesco Under The Management Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco started his career at Bradesco as a clerk, but currently, he is in charge of the entire institution as the company’s president. Luiz took over leadership at a time when there was less obstruction from other leaders in the organization.

One of the primary reason as to why Luiz’s tenure is associated with significant success to the point that he has outperformed his predecessors is because he made his stand on leadership matters upon his appointment to the position of president.

The company has had three other leaders apart from Luiz, but their leadership was not as prolific like that of Trabuco. For instance, Lazaro Brandão and Amador Aguiar did not see eye to eye and achieving success in such an environment was a tricky undertaking. On the other hand, Márcio Cypriano who was Trabuco’s predecessor did not adequately manage the organization, and he did not have a perfect relation with other leaders of the institution.

Trabuco Bradesco is unique since the moment he was appointed, he managed to make his subordinates understand that success was not all about perfect leadership, but the collective contribution from each employee within the organization. Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s rise to greatness has been enabled by the skills that he previously obtained while working in different departments within the organization.

Starting his career at the age of 18, Luiz has been relentless in his quest to become the best. He has been named the Executive Vice President and the Departmental Leader in the effort to groom him for the top-most job at the institution. His first significant undertaking at Bradesco was the acquisition of HSBC bank at a whopping $5.2 billion. Trabuco’s objective is to be the best at what he does, unlike other financial experts who focus their goals on creating competition with other rival banking institutions.

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The acquisition of HSBC fast forwarded success of Bradesco as it created an opportunity for the latter to become a key player in various segments of banking such as branch network, account holders, and overall investment funds. Additionally, Bradesco significantly challenged Itaú Unibanco in general assets, deposits, and loans. The technique that was initially used to advance the success of the firm was organic growth, however, with the acquisition of HSBC, the progress that would have taken over five years was achieved within few months.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was recently named the Entrepreneur of the Year since the skills that he possessed depicted great promise. Luiz is a graduate of the University of São Paulo where he acquired a degree in Socio-psychology. His financial career began in 1969 when he joined Bradesco and started working as a clerk.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s presidency enabled the enterprise to grow twice as much considering that before he took over leadership, the business had an asset value of only $32 billion, however, in one year under his management, the company managed to gain an asset value of more than $78 billion. Additionally, the equity earnings of Bradesco rose up to 29% from an initial 22%. The 40 years that Luiz spent at Bradesco have helped him to acquire the right skills that make him an apt manager.

Due to his seasoned managerial skills, Luiz is highly demanded by other organizations such as Anapp and the National Financial Marketing Commission where he serves as the president and the board director. Luiz serves as the senior most financial advisor to the president of Brazil. Trabuco’s close relationship with the president has been fostered by his effort to ensure that the general society is uplifted through offering credit services to companies that invest in infrastructure.