Barbara Stokes is on a great Mission

Barbara serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes based in Alabama. She has done good things that should be appreciated through an agency known as FEMA. She has a team of hard-working people, and she collaborates with the team successfully. Through working as a team, they can get things from concept to final stage within a short time. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.


Barbara Stokes works with her husband to offer the necessary help needed by the team. Their work is to give permanent housing and safe commercial services. They use a combination of unique manufacturing techniques to offer these services. They use these services to construct various sites like residential, military projects, schools, and planning of land.


Barbara Stokes went to Mercer University where he studied physical, biomedical engineering as her major. She also went further to study manufacturing, thermodynamics, and management. She uses the knowledge she gained in school to manage Green Structure Homes. Follow Barbara Stokes on


Barbara Stokes is not only in business, but she is dedicated to helping others. Together with her husband, they offer support by volunteering their time to help others. Their goal is to make a positive impact in the society. When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, the company received $28 million for modular buildings.


Barbara is a mother who works hard in her life. She tries to balance between work and family, and she is devoted to both. She works well with her employees, and she wants them to be happy. That is how she keeps her business achieving success. She believes that if her employees are satisfied, they will deliver the best results. The unique thing about Barbara is that she learns from mistakes. To her failure means learning and moving on to great things. That is why her company has been helpful to man and has given hopes to many Americans.


The contribution of Peter Briger to the Fortress Group

Peter Briger is a successful business person which is evident by his 317th position in the World’s Billionaire List. He is credited for the formation of Fortress group and transforming other business such as Goldman Sachs. A vast area of his financial success can be linked to the operations of the Fortress Company. Although Softbank later acquired the Fortress Group, Bridger was retained as part of the new human resource team. His retention was intended to offer business insights and guide the operations of the new brand. Consequently, Fortress Group has remained competitive as contrasted to other businesses. His primary duties entail managing the financial and physical assets of the Fortress group. He has been successful in impacting values like commitment, hard work, innovation and teamwork among the employees.

Brief Background on Briger’s life

Peter Briger attended the Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania where he attained vital skills in investment banking. After completing studies, he was engaged in Goldman Sachs enterprise where he served as an investment manager for 12 years. Peter Briger later quit the job and proceeded to form the Fortress Group. In addition, the responses that are issued by workers indicate that there are happy and contented in the organization. The trend is linked to the sound policies and teamwork initiatives that have been put in place by the leader.

It is worth noting that Peter Briger is also a philanthropic individual and has in the past supported many groups. The Princeton Alumni’s Entrepreneur Fund is one of the initiatives that have been created by Bridger and other graduates. The objective of the fund is to offer financial support to persons who wish to start a business after completing studies at the university. Away from communal activities, he is optimistic that the introduction of Bitcoin technology would change future business operations. In his talk, he described the innovation as being cheap and effective. While he pointed that Wall Street should embrace the innovation, he equally stressed on the urge to have regulations that would seek to control the use of Bitcoin. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

James Dondero Doing What’s Right For Dallas

James Donder keeps himself busy by juggling his multi-billion dollar alternative investment firm, Highland Capital Management, as well as seeking out philanthropic efforts in the city of Dallas, to which he and his firm call home. James began his career in the business industry by attending the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in both accounting and finances. Visit his website at

After graduating and stepping into the world of investments, James accepted his first position in the field with JP Morgan Chase & Company where he created a successful financial training program that would usher him into the next level of his career. After only a year with JP Morgan Chase & Company, Mr. Dondero accepted his dream job with American Express; this is where he would spend the next few years of his career managing over one billion dollars in fixed income funds. It was the year 1989 when James Dondero would receive an offer from the GIC Subsidiary for Protective Life to be there Chief Investment Officer. The idea was to help the starting company to flourish into a successful one, and with the help of James Dondero, that is precisely what happened; Soon the establishment would launch into a two billion dollar success story with the guidance of Mr. Dondero. It wouldn’t be until 1993 when James would decide it was an excellent time to begin an investment firm of his own, and so Highland Capital Management came into fruition. Although James earned himself a spot at the top tier of his colleagues and became known as one of the leading alternative investment managers in the country and the world, Mr. Dondero always knew that his success was meant to do something more.


Therefore, James Dondero makes it a priority to set aside a philanthropic budget for his company and all of its branches, so that they might better support the improvement of their communities. James and his team seek out organizations with initiatives to give back to the community in a way that benefits the residents that live within them. Without philanthropists like James Dondero, many non-profit organizations would not be able to survive. Read more about James Dondero on

Larkin & Lacey

Government officials raided the offices of Backpages and arrested staff members. In addition, two of their high profile executives were also arrested. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were taken into custody by the FBI in a move that was more befitting a criminal on America’s Most Wanted. Veteran newspaperman Michael Lacy was about to celebrate his recent marriage, instead he was behind bars.

The Federal Agents had a very busy week. They also raided the home of his business partner, Jim Larkin. It is also important to note that the FBI seized an online listing service managed by the two business partners.

Sex For Sale

It should be established that the listing service has been under scrutiny by governmental agencies for a long time. It is alleged that the listing service is connected with sex trafficking. Here is something that might seem surprising to those that do not know much about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey.

Lacey and Larkin are the founders of Front Page Confidential, which offers their own news analysis of First Amendment Issues. Many in the media and publishing industry are up in arms. They suggest that the government’s seizing of the website and shutting down the operation is a freedom of the press issue. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey’s legal representatives feel that this move is unconstitutional.

Jim Larkin And Micahel Lacey Start A Frontera Fund

High profile journalist Jim Larkin and Michael Lacy are co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. Certainly, they are two very successful executives that feel strongly about giving back to the community.

Therefore, they decided to take the settlement money arising out of their arrest by sheriff Joe Arpaio and place it in a migrant rights organizational fund. The settlement was a result of Joe Arpaio arresting the two journalists and friends in the middle of the night at their homes.

What Led To The Frontera Fund

America’s toughest sheriff, Joe Arpaio is the one that is behind the arrest of the two journalists Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. He had an ax to grind because he was upset about the article that appeared in the Phoenix News Time. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Jornalist Michael Lacy and Jim Larkin covered the story that was reported about the sheriff’s anti Mexican stance along with other misdeeds and that led to their arrests. After public opposition to sheriffs arrest of the two journalist, they were released. It was later determined by a court of law that Larkin and Lacy were arrested without probable cause.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were upset about their treatment by local officials and the alleged brutal treatment of the Hispanic community by the sheriff and his associates. Larkin grew up in the area and strongly believes in protecting the rights of the less fortunate. He further stated that the Mexican population is very deserving of their help.

They have suffered through many hardships to come to this area seeking better economic opportunities. Jim Larken and Michael Lacey state that they fully support the rights of the migrant workers.

Southridge Capital Changing Livelihood of the People through the Leadership of Stephen Hicks

If in need of urgent and effective investment banking and securities brokerage services, look no further than Southridge Capital LLC. Southridge is an investment company based in Connecticut and also a widely known private equity firm. Southridge growth has been a fascinating story since it was founded by Stephen Hicks. The company has been able to provide more than $1.7 billion in capital to hundreds of companies in Asia, USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom amongst other growing markets.

Formerly known as Southbridge Capital Management, Southridge Capital chiefly specializes in direct advisory and investment services not only to small companies but also middle-class market firms. The company has been a success in the market providing internal audits and working with its large clientele base to get them on the right track and be efficient in their undertakings. The company was founded by Stephen M. Hicks in 1996 an idea that he says came when he was still an employee of a small NY hedge fund.

According to Bloomberg, Hicks has overseen the success of the Southbridge Capital ever since and he is responsible for business execution, development and his contributions in the business sector have been immaculate. Stephen Hicks has attributed his success to his vast experience in the financial structuring field, risk arbitrage, investment banking, and derivatives. He is a holder of a BS degree in Business Administration from the famous King’s College in Briarcliff Manor, NY. He also holds an MBA from Fordham University in New York City. For more details visit Bloomberg.

Hicks has used his profound experience and education to bring ideas to life at Southridge Capital since its establishment. The mission of the company has been to help small, deserving companies expand into large and successful firms. The company has been focusing on companies that have professional and ethical principles. Southridge has also led helping hand to companies that have been overlooked by financiers.

Stephen Hicks has been a leader in helping micro and small-cap company sector as the field has been overlooked and underserved. Southridge Capital has also been involved in many charities since its establishment. The company focuses on providing education aid to underprivileged children to make sure they get the best education available. The company also provides donations to the Ridgefield community and supports local park and museum.


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Inspiration from Tony Petrello

When you look at the corporate sector, most of the people who you will find in positions of leadership are people from well-up families. You will find sons and daughters of prominent busies people in the past are the majority. Very few people from unknown backgrounds get a chance to lead the top companies in the world. Despite this worrying trend, all is not lost. The few from humble beginnings who have made it to the top tier corporate positions are inspiring many young from humble beginnings. In future, there is a likelihood that we will see more people from humble backgrounds believing in themselves and going for the top positions.

One Tony Petrello has already set the trend. Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries, a multi-billion oil, and natural gas drilling company. The fact that he has been given the mandate to accomplish and executed it so well is an indication that there is no limit to what one can do. No matter who you are, no limitation comes with where you were born or went to school. With the right mindset, you can accomplish everything that you wish for.

Tony Petrello never had the privileges of going to the best schools in his early education. He was in the public schools but because of the brilliance Tony Petrello demonstrated while he was in the public schools, he was given the scholarship to study ion a top university in the country. He attended Yale University where he took a degree in mathematics he was a mathematics genius who proved to be brilliant in math than other students. He was being mentored by professor Serge Lange who was also a genius in mathematics.

Tony Petrello even became CEO even without holding academic papers in any business-related courses. He never thought that he would be less privileged base Petrello had a degree in mathematics and law. He faced other executives who had papers and proved that these papers have nothing over the personal ability to make the right choices. Tony Petrello has achieved so much than what others with advanced levels of training in business management have.

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Understanding IP Laws with Kamil Idris

Let’s say that you make a living from designing, folding, and flying paper airplanes. You develop a new style of paper airplane unlike any other models on the circuit you’re currency racing as a part of. Here’s a potentially-long story made short – that model you folded turned out to be the fastest, longest-hanging paper airplane in the competition you’re currently at.


What if one person or multiple people adopted your design to better compete against others, including yourself? Not only would that feel discouraging, it would be inherently unfair. Since you developed that style, shouldn’t you be able to reserve it for yourself unless another flier is willing to purchase it?


If you believe that the custom paper airplane model you developed shouldn’t be able to legally, readily be stolen by other people, you’re a fan of government protection of intellectual property. While most people don’t throw paper airplanes for a living, many entrepreneurs and businesspeople alike regularly think of new ideas that could very well turn into full-fledged competitive advantages for them.


The reason we have intellectual property in the first place is quite simple


Believe it or not, the first patent was filed right here in the U.S. and soon thereafter granted on the same day in 1790. The purpose of that patent was to acknowledge that some people had developed new models of figurative paper airplanes, just as in the example above. By acknowledging that fact, even more people than before become interested in throwing paper airplanes; in turn, they want to gain patents themselves for their very own ideas, effectively perpetuating the cycle and ultimately growing the economy of the world faster than what would otherwise be available. Patents have come a long way since then – Professor Kamil Idris agrees.


Not all places support IP laws

The Republic of China is arguably the most famous example of a country that doesn’t seem to care about intellectual property guidelines – something Kamil Idris surely can’t agree with – in the United States. As a matter of fact, Americans wishing to do business with the Chinese often have to fork over every single bit of intellectual property prior to getting any potential Chinese business partners to agree to manufacture goods or parts for your business. Professor Kamil Idris supports IP laws strongly because he’s worked around IP his whole life.

Bruno Fagali: How To Hire A Good Attorney

When running with any type of business you need to make sure your organization is protected. You Bruno Fagali: How To Hire A Good Attorney need to consult a lawyer, to help you review the legal aspects of your business. Attempting to handle legal issues on your own is not advisable. Anyone who is involved in a dispute needs the services of an experienced attorney.

If you are going through business or personal legal issues in Brazil, you need a powerful lawyer by your side. It is crucial that you enlist the services of a competent lawyer.

In Brazil, people throughout the nation rely on Bruno Fagali for top notch legal assistance. Having access to an experienced attorney will give you assurance that your legal matter will be handled appropriately.

It is extremely important that you check the background of any lawyer you are considering. You can consult a few lawyers before making a decision. Do you want to hire an experienced lawyer in Brazil? Want to find a renowned attorney that can represent you or your organization?

Dealing with a tough legal issue can be stressful. Maybe you want to get in touch with Bruno Fagali, to find out if he can help you.

Bruno Fagali is a powerful attorney in Brazil. He caters to organizations, entrepreneurs and business clients and is one of the most reputable in the industry. He has been rendering high quality services for many years.

When it comes to choosing a legal advisor or law firm for business or personal legal issues, it is a good idea to go with someone that has vast experience in the type of issue you’re dealing with.

As an entrepreneur, there are several issues to take into consideration when managing a business or an organization. Having a powerful attorney on team will help you in reaching your goal.

Bruno assesses his clients’ business situation and guides them in complying with the law. It is important that you know the rules and regulations of your industry. Bruno Fagali can also help you to review legal documents and make sure that you understand what you’re agreeing to.

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Robert Diegnan’s Notable Contributions In The Software World

The former Executive Vice president of iS3 Inc., Robert Deignan is a renowned digital technology expert who cofounded ATS Digital services LLC. The company based in Florida began in August 2011 and had since grown to be a force to reckon with in the software world. It deals with home setups and installations, data storage and any mobile device issues.

His earlier experience working in a malware software company and co-founding Fanlink Inc. gave him enough exposure to create a tradition that would later ensure that his customers are happy. Robert Deignan works with a team of specialists that are capable of paring their technological understanding by providing remarkable services to their clients. Following this, they became AppEsteem certified, a status that is only given to the best service providers in the digital technology sector. AppEsteem generates its rating credentials from the government regulators, law enforcers, and clientele groups.

For Robert, customer satisfaction is his priority and combining this passion with his love for Technology was a dream come true. Their clients have the advantage of solving their technical issues through just a phone call if once they allow ATS access their systems and remotely control their processes. Alternatively, a customer can trust an expert from ATS to come into their home and help with any service that requires physical work like mounting the TV or installation of a sound system. The company has different professionals depending on what assistance is needed.

In addition to the services they provide as an organization, Diegnan has made it possible for his customers to enjoy top-of-the-line software that guarantees an up to date system. He strives to ensure his customers know that they are getting the best services in the market. After certification by AppEsteem, the organization sent signals to software dealers and security companies notifying them about their high-level operations and customer friendly services.

Robert Diegnan believes in what he does and has since worked passionately to become an icon in the software world. Apart from being a veteran in the field, he has incredible surfing skills and has won the 79th silver sailfish derby.

Arrest Us Now! Lime Crime Makeup Spring 2018 So Sexy It Should Be Illegal

There’s just something special about spring; it’s fresh and new, colorful and full of hope. When it comes to makeup, hair and fashion, the spring-fling is always fun.

Let’s face it, ladies; everyone’s makeup bag needs a spring overhaul. It’s time for vibrant new makeup palettes and sampling new trends.

Lime Crime cosmetics has gone above and beyond the power of beauty and launched some exciting new products. The makeup is fun, flirty, bold and in your face and has become so popular it’s a beauty leader on social media.

For springtime 2018, contouring and highlighting remain a glamorous trend, but the illumination you want is a product that delivers the maximum glow. Lime Crime Hi-Lites are gorgeous compacts developed with unique powder pigments that immediately transform the complexion when applied to the skin. There are three shades in each kit, and the Hi-Lites come in five different luscious color combinations.

You get high shine and spectacular sparkle in a lightweight powder that’s perfect for showing off killer cheekbones, cupid’s bow, browbones and decollete.

The Venus Palette is one of the most exciting, grunge eyeshadow kits ever invented; that’s probably why the kits have become sought-after cult favorites.

The new Venus III does not disappoint; fans have fallen in love with this softer, more angelic version of the kits. The 8-pan shadow collection features lovely shimmer and matte purples and pinks and browns. The kit has an earthy, feminine feel and is ideal for spring blooms.

There are now four of these kits to collect that also include the original Venus Palette, Venus II and Venus XL (16-pan shadows). The shadows are high quality with exceptional pigment and longlasting wear.

Add some sheer Lime Crime Plushies lipstick to your look, and you’ll nail the radiance of spring we all desire.