Neurocore’s Brain Room Seeks to Better Trail Blazers Court Performance

The Portland Trail Blazers will have a new addition to their schedule this year. One that begins right after the players step off the court. This year, following a practice or game, players on the Trial Blazers will hear to the “brain room,” where they will watch DVDs for a period of 30 minutes with devices strapped on their heads. It sounds like the beginning of a sci-fi horror movie that ends with someone turning into a monster, but in reality it is a new method of training that focuses on the brain. The devices are Neurocore Pro and are designed to read the electrical activity of athlete brains after extended periods of physical activity. Read more about Neurocore at

This company the Trail Blazers have partnered with is called Neurocore, and it is a company that focuses on brain performance. A nationally recognized pioneer in neuroscience, Neurocore was founded back in 2004. Since then the Michigan-based company has built nine centers throughout its home state and Florida. The goal of the “brain room” is to improve players’ overall health, recovery, and focus utilizing brain acuity. Neurocore Pro devices resemble a pair of Beats headphones. The low frequency waves are a form of EEG that map electoral impulses and accelerate recovery. This is done by improving the player’s deep, restorative sleep.


Tim Royer, the founder of Neurocore, is adamant that this therapy will allow Trail Blazer players to operate at peak capacity on the court. “The brain room optimizes the mind’s ability to remain in the zone,” He stated in a recent video, “This is the next level for sports”. The video was posted on and explained the reasoning behind Neurocore’s partnership. “In a schedule where players complete 82 games there is a dramatic compromise on all of the body’s systems,” he explained, “The brain room uses a tailor-made approach to optimize the mind.” The Neurocore training system is aimed at increasing the health and well-being of player’s cardiovascular, respiratory, and endocrine system. This will allow them to play better on the court and feel better off of it. Visit to know more about Neurocore.