Marketing and Sales Achievements of Sportswear Brand Fabletics

Fabletics became a sensational athletic wear brand for women is fast on its way to achievement with highest sportswear sales in the industry, marketing accomplishments, and some of the highest rates of client retention. Lead by Kate Hudson, Fabletics is highly talked about and has received credit for revolutionizing the market for women’s athletic wear.



Debuting in 2013, Fabletics changed the shopping experience for the average female consumer. It brought a higher quality of products to the general public, making fashionable designs, better fabrics, and well-fitting sports clothes available to the average consumer. Before Fabletics, such pieces of clothing were seldom available for lower prices as the sportswear was mostly found on the high street. The average consumer had to make do with regular ill-fitting t-shirts and less than flattering gym shorts or sweatpants and nylon tracksuits.



It is only natural that women would want to look good in their sports clothes. That was the deduction that the founders of the Fabletics brand had after talking to female consumers. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg had the goal bringing something entirely new to the table. They wanted to satisfy a need in consumers and fill in a gap in the market. They later brought on Kate Hudson who co-founded Fabletics and became the leader of the company. Kate Hudson had already amassed some business experience, and so she proved a capable business partner. From the get-go, Kate Hudson was strongly involved in the decision making process at meetings and came up with good solutions to problems that were utilized later on.



Over the years, Fabletics has been achieving a lot on the sales front, but there have been many accomplishments behind the scenes as well. In terms of e-commerce marketing and user experience, Fabletics has been recognized as a brand with excellent marketing strategy and a sophisticated marketing AI. Fabletics uses a website that provides personalized customer experience. That is closely connected with the system’s ability to gather data about the user immediately and recognize what they gravitate towards.



Gathering data about each individual user is essential for e-commerce businesses. That allows the system to display products that the consumer is more likely to be interested in and purchase. The better the personalized user experience, the higher the income of the e-commerce business. Fabletics has mastered that quite well. Their system starts collecting user data immediately and continues to do so while they are browsing the website. Every click and choice is documented. The site documents how certain items perform in comparison to others, how long does the person stay on the page and how far they scroll down before losing interest or picking something out, what goes and remains in the cart and what products are prioritized in comparison to others.



In some cases, Fabletics monitors the behavior of the individual user more than most other e-commerce businesses do, even though Fabletics is not entirely an e-commerce brand as it has several physical stores in the US.