I Really Love How Magnises Has Made My Life More Fun

I never stopped to think just how great my life was until it was mentioned to me the other day, but I have to admit that it’s pretty good. I’m a Magnises member who has been in the club for two years, and I never think of going without my membership. Although I’m a standard Magnises member, all the benefits on Twitter that I get from my membership have been worth paying for the membership, and I think I easily earned discounts that would cover my membership fee several times over. This past year I only paid $250 for my membership, and it lasts for an entire year.

What I loved was the Fourth Of July party that was held in 2016, it was out of this world, especially the view of New York City. I love going to the penthouse that Magnises has because not only is you amazing but I’ve also gotten to meet some awesome people who have now become my true friends. My friends and I, who are all Magnises members, we go out to different clubs as well as events that are held for Magnises members. I attended the Samsung event recently, and I even got a free gift that I took home.

I my Magnises Concierge a lot, and I’ll check to see if any events are going on, or I’ll even just go to a great coffee shop down the street that the concierge suggests. I’ve used my Magnises Concierge to get a reservation at a restaurant that also gave me a free bottle of my favorite drink, and I easily saved $30 on that visit alone. When I go out with friends who are not Magnises members, they can also use some of my benefits, but I’ve always taken the time to tell my friends to get her own membership.

With 2016 coming to a close, I’m looking forward to the New Year’s eve events that will be going on, and I’m certain that even more great events await me in the new year. I also plan on getting a gym membership because I want to get in the best shape for 2017, and because I have a Magnises membership on magnises.com, I can get a personal gym trainer, which is just awesome. I even used my Magnises membership to get into a party in the Hamptons, and I had a friend trying to get into the same party at the same time.

While I was at the party, I checked on my friend, and she was turned away and couldn’t get inside, which made me feel bad for her, but I had to admit that it was great to have a Magnises membership at that time. I’ve even been to some premier events for new movies that were coming out, and it was nice to be in the mix for something like that. Magnises is just an awesome community, and I love being a member and encourage others to become members as well. Source: https://www.magnises.com/login

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  1. It couldn’t have been more fun than this with the Magnises making the clubbing experience more interesting to attend. Although they would write my research paper for me, I never had more fun like now when the application of this new product is under my review. I think that is would be great to have this party every week till the end of the play then fun comes on.

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