End Citizens United is taking things to the next level

End Citizens United was established on March 1st, 2015. They are a Political Action Committee that is mainly funded by grassroots donors. The committee is dedicated to being able to counter the disastrous effects of the Citizens United and reforming their campaign finance system.


The committee is dedicated to being able to show elected officials, candidates, voters and also the press that they are going to fight back against all the billionaires trying to buy their elections. They hope that these champions will be able to work towards helping to overturn Citizens United, meaning an end being put towards unlimited money in politics and also ending dark money. This is one subject that the committee is very dedicated towards fixing. The committee is very supportive of Democrats who are in key races that will fight to help make sure of the overturn of Citizens United. They stand up for all candidates that are under the attack of corporates special interests.


Democrats are helping to lead the fight against Citizens United and believe that under their leadership that meaningful change can happen. The only thing standing in their way of being able to overturn the Supreme Courts decision is the Republicans leadership in Congress. The committee has gone on to say that that has got to stop. They help to support all candidates who are dedicated to being able to reform our broken campaign finance system.


Their greatest strength comes from the power that comes from the grassroots activists. They say that they like to practice wat they preach and that they believe that transparency comes from political spending. On June 20, 2017 they filled and submitted with the Federal Elections Commission.


The committee is very proud to be able to be funded by all of the thousands of grassroots supporters that they have from around the county. They say that this is just the beginning to. As they grow they plan on making it public of their FEC filings. The committees donors or very invested in a movement to help take back their democracy, so they know that they will always be transparent and opened.