Doe Deere is the Unlikely CEO that Rose to Success in Cosmetics

Doe Deere
Doe Deere has come from Russia to America, and she is bringing her brand of unique makeup to the United States and taken a seat at the top of the cosmetics empire. This is not accidental. She is a leader in 2016 because she planned heavy in 2008 to become someone that could present someone unique and new to the cosmetics industry.

It is hard to stand out and be original at times. When it comes to cosmetics in America it can be difficult to push against the grain. There were already some leaders in place. Companies like Revlon were already locking down the market. Cover Girl was another company that cornered a large portion of the market. With companies like this shining as the leaders in this environment it may have been frightening to some, but Doe Deere wasn’t scared. In 2008 she had a small business. She didn’t have any idea that her eBay store would gain so much attention. She was interested in giving people something that they had never experienced with Lime Crime. She was unique and she knew it. She didn’t want to spend a lot of time trying to compete with the juggernauts of the industry. There was no need for Doe Deere to emulate others. People can take one look at her hair and her makeup and instantly see that she was not made to fit in with the rest of the crowd. Doe Deere – with a cosmetics brand that is unique as her name – was made to stand out.

What she has proven over the years is that she is a powerful business woman that knows how to make a route even when there is no route. No one knew that they wanted a brand like Lime Crime until Doe Deere created these shades, introduced her line to customers and made them desire it. She has loyal fans that just cannot get enough of what she is doing and how she is doing it. There are an assortment of people that may never go back to the basic shades of makeup now that they have discovered a new brand like Lime Crime. Learn more:

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