How Bumble Has Changed The Online Dating World

If you have ever come across a dating app in recent years, you have probably heard of a specific one that continues to hit the nail on its head for creating a platform promoting feminism; Bumble. Bumble is an app that has made waves over the years thanks to a woman named, Whitney Wolfe. She has created a platform that is changing the way dating in today’s world works, alongside tackling the misogyny that still exists in our world today.

In a sense, Bumble resembles Tinder amongst other apps in the dating world. It all starts with a swipe right and a left. When you have two people who both swiped right on each other, it becomes an instant match. This is where Bumble has changed the game. For Bumble, the women must be the first to message the guy. If the girl loses interest, the match disappears after 24 hours, enabling women to be the driving force in their conversations. Men do not have the chance to message the women unless the women make the first move.


When asked about why she created Bumble, she says she always loved the idea of bringing women together. Whitney Wolfe started an app called Merci that allows for girls to come together and share how they feel all the while inspiring one another. The creation of this app allows for girls to truly support one another in a world where bullying is our driving force. It’s a struggle to deal with the stress of men disgustingly disrespecting women in the online dating world, but this app helps eliminate that. Bumble was created to forward that movement of not giving men that chance to be gross and send women inappropriate messages at random just because a match was given.

The app has now recently gone to new levels within the industry. They have even changed several different things within the app to better provide an experience like no other when it comes down to finding people. Bumble BFF is the newest addition to the app to allow for people to find their newest best friend. You can list your interests and favorite things to do, allowing you to meet people who may be interested within the same things. Their Bumble Bizz is another part of the app for finding business partners and even more jobs, so Bumble is coming up with many avenues for meeting people.

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Penelope Kokkinides – CEO of InnovaCare Health

Penelope Kokkinides holds a bachelor’s degree in classical languages and biological sciences from the University of Binghamton, a master’s degree in public health from the University of Columbia, a master’s degree in Social Works from New York University and a post master’s degree in alcohol and substance abuse. She is the currently the Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare, Inc. since June 2015, when she joined that company.

Penelope Kokkinides has more than 20 years’ experience in healthcare specialization. She has managed healthcare industries and government programs as well. She has expertise in developing clinical issues and the knowledge and ability to manage operations with the aim of improving efficiency, managing organizational infrastructure.

Before joining InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides worked for Centerlight HealthCare as the Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer. There, she was responsible for implementing the company’s health protocols, strategic supervision of the care division and its overall management. She also served in the position of the Chief Operating Officer of Touchstone Health as well as Corporate Vice-President for both Disease Management of Ameri Choice and Care Management.

InnovaCare announced the addition of the three leadership offices on July 28, 2016, as reported by Fort Lee, N.J in Business Wire. According to the report, the organization that provides healthcare services in Puerto Rico had added the executives to the leadership team as directed by Chief Executive Officer and President Richard Shinto, M.D. Learn more:

InnovaCare operates the leads of health plans and provides healthcare services that are overseen in Puerto Rico. Its membership has more than 200,000 people with an operating network team of 7,500 service providers. InnovaCare manages two government Medicaid plans. It is committed to providing quality healthcare, which is made possible by creating models that are sustainable with the help of managed care and coordination, advanced technology and cost- effectiveness.

InnovaCare participated in Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN). LAN is a public-private partnership that moves the U.S health system towards models of payment that are based on quality. InnovaCare has shown its support to the mission of LAN to alternative payment models by accelerating the transition. InnovaCare, in support of the payment reforms, has established goals that will share the progress of LAN.

LAN helps to realize healthier people, smarter spending, and better care. It gives both private and public non-profit sectors a platform to transform the national health system in general, for better and more appreciable living standards. Read more about her interview on Ideamensch

Turning Dreams Into Reality Like Doe Deere

In 2004, Doe Deere was a young woman from Russia that had her sights set on the fashion world, so she decided to create an online store to sell her handmade clothing. By 2008, she had switched her focus to cosmetics, establishing one of the most well known and recognizable makeup lines to date: Lime Crime. The creation of this line of products was the result of Deere’s inability to find makeup vibrant and colorful enough to match her fashion choices, but it has lead to an international phenomenon.


One of the most interesting aspects about the company is that since it was introduced in 2008, all of the makeup products have been certified cruelty free, and over the years, each of the products was altered to become completely Vegan as well. Deere’s goal is to allow users to create eye catching and distinctive looks without harming any animals or using any animal products, and it’s evident that these choices have not impacted the quality or limited the product line in any way.


Lime Crime was created as a way for Deere to express her own individuality and sense of style, yet align with the needs and wants of the makeup community. This is made evident by the fact that even after almost a decade, she is still the first to try out and approve of each released product – every shade of lipstick and color of hair dye has to get the Doe Deere stamp of approval before it can be sold to the public.


Each product is meant to be as unique and inspiring as the people that will buy and use them, making it important for Deere to take customer feedback and current demand into account when developing products. Her make up line is meant to help people express themselves at different stages of their lives, giving them an opportunity to continually reinvent themselves as they see fit. Lime Crime’s makeup products are not standard, they aren’t boring, and they certainly are not focused on a “natural” look, but Deere has never been concerned that they are too over the top; they are meant for the bold and daring, those willing to be true to themselves and unafraid to make a statement. Deere created Lime Crime as a way to set herself apart from the crowd, and years later she is still unafraid to take risks and be bold each and every day.


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Doe Deere – Lime Crime Prime

Doe Deere is not a typical beauty business magnate. Her hair is blue (or purple or red, depending on the day) and her makeup and demeanor are dramatic. This is not the kind of person who shrinks into the background, but a fierce and lively force of nature.


Deere was born in Russia and came to New York at age 17. While in the big apple, she joined a band, went to fashion school – and created a web-based beauty empire. Lime Crime is the child of Deere’s frustrated struggle to find makeup in the vibrant colors she craves and her steely commitment to unapologetic self-expression.


In 2008, she launched her own line of colorful, cruelty-free cosmetics and Lime Crime was born. Lime Crime derives from Deere’s favorite color combined with a passion to develop lipsticks, eye shadows, and nail polishes so vivid that wearing them is almost a crime.


Doe started small, developing her own products and achieving success while doing things her own way. She is an avid supporter of other women business owners and frequently accepts speaking engagements on finding your own muse and ambitions.


When asked by to Idea Mensch to give advice to budding entrepreneurs, Deere was quick to pinpoint an underdeveloped market. “Can somebody please start a line that makes well-designed, cute, colorful footwear for ultra-feminine girls like me? I would buy everything!”


The colorful mogul credits confidence as key to getting a clear picture of your market and in making sound decisions. “Trust your gut! There will always be situations where information alone is not enough – use your gut to guide you…Ruling with an iron fist is too old-school and I don’t believe it inspires respect in a leader. I strive to uplift and drive people to succeed through positive reinforcement.”


Deere is proud that her products are certified by animal rights groups. She seems to honor her convictions on many levels. Not only are all Lime Crime products cruelty-free, but Deere also donates to an animal rescue organization called Bide-A-Wee, a no-kill shelter in New York. She has three cats, two of whom she has rescued.


The biggest influence on her life, Deere says, is her husband, Mark. The couple, who now live in Los Angeles, met in New York 16 years ago when they played in a rock band together. She describes him as fiercely intelligent, insightful and wildly funny.


Doe Deere Gets Your Attention by Marketing the Products Herself

Doe Deere Ideamensch Interview
Doe Deere has become this excellent marketing professional that knows how to put her best foot forward when it comes to getting her products out to the mainstream. There has been a lot of fanfare surrounding the line of Lime Crime products that are so much different than what has become commonplace in the market today. People that are imaginative will see some colors that they could not have imagined come to life. This is the way that Doe Deere has planned it. She wanted to bring about some shades that were different from the norm, and she has used Lime Crime to do it. Read more:

She has those shades that sparkle. Everything that she does is interesting because she is incorporating her style of dress into her makeup line. That is how she entices the customers. She has been very vocal about the type of style that she has. The is unconventional. Doe Deere doesn’t follow the trends that have been set. What she does instead is make her own trends. There is a lot of buzz about her hair that usually matches the color of whatever lipstick that she is promoting.

Doe Deere gets connected with her fans when it comes to promoting the business. She has done a wonderful job of securing an audience with her strong push for bolder colors. Doe Deere could have let models on the website show off all of the cosmetic products, but she had another plan in mind. She would put herself in a category of her own by promoting her own brand of cosmetics. This has never been done before in the cosmetics world at the level that Doe Deere has managed to do this.

One big thing that she seems to be fond of is the girl power movement. There is a fascination with unicorns that appears to be an overarching theme for this brand of cosmetics. It is like a symbolic magical or imaginary world where the shades of lipstick that you thought you would never see anywhere else are readily available for purchase here. She has brought a fantasy world to life.

Doe Deere is the Unlikely CEO that Rose to Success in Cosmetics

Doe Deere
Doe Deere has come from Russia to America, and she is bringing her brand of unique makeup to the United States and taken a seat at the top of the cosmetics empire. This is not accidental. She is a leader in 2016 because she planned heavy in 2008 to become someone that could present someone unique and new to the cosmetics industry.

It is hard to stand out and be original at times. When it comes to cosmetics in America it can be difficult to push against the grain. There were already some leaders in place. Companies like Revlon were already locking down the market. Cover Girl was another company that cornered a large portion of the market. With companies like this shining as the leaders in this environment it may have been frightening to some, but Doe Deere wasn’t scared. In 2008 she had a small business. She didn’t have any idea that her eBay store would gain so much attention. She was interested in giving people something that they had never experienced with Lime Crime. She was unique and she knew it. She didn’t want to spend a lot of time trying to compete with the juggernauts of the industry. There was no need for Doe Deere to emulate others. People can take one look at her hair and her makeup and instantly see that she was not made to fit in with the rest of the crowd. Doe Deere – with a cosmetics brand that is unique as her name – was made to stand out.

What she has proven over the years is that she is a powerful business woman that knows how to make a route even when there is no route. No one knew that they wanted a brand like Lime Crime until Doe Deere created these shades, introduced her line to customers and made them desire it. She has loyal fans that just cannot get enough of what she is doing and how she is doing it. There are an assortment of people that may never go back to the basic shades of makeup now that they have discovered a new brand like Lime Crime. Learn more:

All You Need To Know About Malini Saba

Malini Saba is one of women who have done well in business today. Ms Saba is also respected because of her philanthropic activities. She was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, and her parents were Sri-Lankan. When she was nineteen years old, Malini decided to move to the United States.
Because she was still young, Malini did not have a lot of savings. She only had two hundred dollars. She rented a small apartment where she lived with her husband. They were studying in the Stanford University, and the house was just close to the school. Both of them were studying to get their degrees.
In America, life was a challenge for the young couple. They didn’t have anything, and they had to start from scratch. The small apartment they lived in was close to the railway station, and living there was tough. The house would shake when a train was passing. They had to endure living in the house for four years. The difficulties she went through while living in the house laid the foundation for the things she has managed to achieve.
At the Stanford University, Malini Saba was able to attend classes for free because she was a spouse to one of the students. She ventured in the business and investment world while still at the university. With time, she started several investments, mostly in the real estate, telecommunication and commodities industry with the amount she saved while in school.
Due to her dedication and hard work, Malini Saba did well in business, and she is currently one of the most respected investors in the world. She earns quite well, and she uses some of her money to help the less fortunate people in the community. Today, she is the chairman and founder of Saban, an organization has retained investment interests in different parts of the world.
Most of her foundations help women and children who at risk by empowering them economically. One of her largest charitable organizations is known as Stree, and it has received support from some prominent people in the United States like the former president of the country, Bill Clinton. Thanks to the charitable organization, women can easily access important facilities such as healthcare and legal empowerment.