The Trend in Personal Cyber Security

Cyber attacks on businesses, individuals, and governments are becoming all too common. The increasing amounts of cyber attacks are causing both business and individuals to adopt strict cyber security measures. A large number of cyber attacks, the severity of attacks, and the extensive costs associated with cyber, personnel and government attacks are all causes for increased cyber security.


Rubica offers personnel cyber security for individuals who are at a higher risk for cyber crime; these people are often public figures, have extensive financial assets, or involved in frequent online transactions. These customers enjoy the ease at which they receive personal cyber security (


Rubica is an application that is easily downloaded on smartphones, tablets, and computers. It runs in the background of each device it is downloaded on, to ensure people’s information is protected. Rubica has a team of cyber experts that look for discrepancies and potential compromises in your personal cyber security based on your device’s data and web traffic patterns; these threats could be an increase in web traffic in the middle of the night or a device trying to connect to a suspicious server. Once detected, these personal cyber security threats are investigated by a team of human analysts and, consequently, the threats are stopped and blocked.


Once the application is downloaded on your device it is easy to make sure that you are being protected. From the application home-screen, you can see the number of events that have been investigated (Facebook). Rubica can be turned on and off from the application; however, if Rubica is turned off they cannot offer personal cyber security until it is re-enabled. If needed, a Rubica team member can be contacted 24/7 with questions you may have. The application also offers an option to view all of your protected devices in one place; making it easy to ensure all of your devices are being protected.


Rubica’s team consists of experts previously employed by NSA, the US Navy, and Scotland Yard. They receive their funding for personal cyber security from several of the top technology investors, including Lerer Hippeau, Upfront Ventures, Slow Ventures, and Expa Labs.