The Creation of Eli Gershkovitch Brewing Empire

Beer is Canada’s most famous alcoholic drink, and with the constant drop in per capita beer consumption, craft beer has been on the constant rise. A lot of breweries across the country are producing excellent beers that range from inventive to traditional, and this has helped to meet the increasing demand. One of the notable breweries is the central city brewing that is based in Surrey British Columbia. It’s popular for its imperial pale ales beer that is better than the regular pale beer (

There is also the Brasseurs sans gluten brewery that is based in Montreal Quebec. The brewery is known for its traditional beer that is gluten-free since it is made from barley and sometimes wheat. What makes it a sensational drink is its warm and spicy taste of nutmeg, cloves, molasses and a 6.5 percent alcohol content.


Anyone who has gone through law school; looks forward to a successful career as an attorney but this isn’t the case with Eli Gershkovitch. He preferred to create something valuable given that he was passionate about the brewing business. Eli Gershkovitch passion for beer started out in 1987 when he first tasted the Belgian beer while on a European tour. He didn’t think the beer was up to his standard and this brought up a burning desire to come up with something great. After an in-depth research, Eli Gershkovitch found a perfect spot for a brewpub in Gastown (OttawaCitizen). The site featured a hundred-year-old building as well as a steam heating system which could come in handy for his steam-powered brewing.


Eli Gershkovitch legal background made it easier for him to resolve his liquor license revocation but this required fourteen days as well as a referendum. The brewery location was the underlying cause of the license denial, but people rallied behind him to make Steamworks a success.


Eli Gershkovitch still faces stiff competition from the upcoming microbreweries in British Colombia, Ontario as well as other major population centers. Some of these companies have innovative ideas that shake the market while others fail during the first year of operation. However, Steamworks has stood the test of time since it employs innovative and traditional business methods that transcend the opportunistic competitor’s operations.