End Citizens United And Campaign Aims

End Citizens United is a prominent political action committee that has lodged an official complaint through the Federal Election Commission not at all long ago. This grievance stated that Rick Scott is in the middle of unlawfully employing a so-called “super PAC” as a means of backing his campaign to get into the United States Senate. The group indicated that Scott is doing these things in order to skirt federal restrictions that revolve around campaigns and contributions that are rather straight in nature. Scott has collected approximately 78 million dollars so far.

Adam Bozzi works as End Citizens United’s Communications Director right now. He said that Rick Scott wants to concentrate on his political efforts and that he doesn’t care about legal matters in any way. Bozzi believed that the super PAC was in place in order to assist Scott with the process of dodging rules that involve campaign finance. He believed that it was in place in order to cover campaign expenses. He even believed that it was in existence to steer clear of any regulations that involved disclosure matters.

Super PACs typically aim to acquire significant amounts of wherewithal. They typically aim to use significant amounts of it as well. They’re unable to collaborate with associated campaigns as they do so. End Citizens United thinks that Scott broke a law that revolved around coordination.

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Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission was a case that brought on a major decision for the Supreme Court in the United States back in 2010. It made people who were involved in politics in the nation feel extremely surprised. The extended outcomes of the choice are not yet fully understood.

Court cases occasionally change political viewpoints in America in dramatic ways. Examples of these cases are 1857’s Dred Scott v. Sandford and 1973’s Roe v. Wade. These cases had effects that instantly brought on heated discussions everywhere. End Citizens United has been hard at work since the spring of 2015. End Citizens United has gotten a lot of attention since then, too.

Citizens United is an organization that is totally conservative. It tried to showcase a movie that illustrated things that it believed that Hillary Clinton did incorrectly in the past. The movie was a full hour in length. It depicted her actions as the presidential primaries for the Democratic party were taking place. That was when she was a diligent candidate. The FEC or Federal Election Committee indicated that the movie was for all intents and purposes an advertisement.

End Citizens United And Endorsement Of Mr. Doug Jones

According to http://www.alreporter.com, ECT (End Citizens United) agreed to endorse Doug Jones who is a Democrat for the Senatorial position. Doug Jones who was also the former attorney of the United States is currently running for the Alabama senatorial position against Roy Moore. The special election will be held on December 12, 2017.

ECU believes that the ideology and political agenda presented by Roy Moore are contradicting the values of the people of Alabama and America at large. The people of Alabama are tired of being left behind by states like Washington. They want reforms that will empower voters and upend the broken system as well.

Doug Jones has better leadership qualities than Roy Moore. When he was the US Attorney, Doug Jones brought the KKK members to justice. The KKK members were involved in the bombing of 16th Street Baptist Church that caused the death of four girls. He is committed to giving voice to the people and getting out big money from the political system. Additionally, ECT (End Citizens United) is a grassroots-funded network that is committed to electing Congress members who are for campaign finance reforms. The organization wants leaders who will counter the current strength of Citizens United.

About End Citizens United

ECT (End Citizens United) was established in 2015 by grassroots donors. As mentioned before, the political action committee is committed to reforming the current situation with campaign finance system. The political network is showing elected officials, voters, the press, and candidates that the grassroots people are also powerful. They are fighting back with a strong force against the billionaires who are buying votes from poor American citizens. Also, End Citizens United is building a coalition that is working hard towards finance reform campaign. The coalition consists of lawmakers who know how to take the right actions at the right time.

The objective of End Citizens United is to fix the already rigged political system and end the era of big money in politics. According to ECT organization, the mission can only be achieved by bringing reform champions into the political platform. These are the people who can elevate the issues relating to finance campaign reform to the level of national conversation. End Citizens stand up with candidates and leaders who are frequently attacked by the special interests of the mega-donors and corporate world. Also, the network prefers democrats because they are the leaders who are fighting against the Citizens United. Members of ECT believe that meaningful change can only be brought by the leadership of the Democrats. The greatest power of End Citizens United is the grassroots activists. These are the people who believe in transparency when it comes to political platforms. They drink what they preach.