Career Achievements of Bernardo Chua

A native of Philippine, Bernardo Chua has extensive experience working in multi-level marketing. Bernardo Chua is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Pacific Rim and has profoundly contributed to the rise of a series of enterprises across the globe.

Crunchbase revealed that Bernado Chua began from a humble background before becoming a globally recognized business guru. He started his career at Gano Excel where he would manage the firm’s operations and develop strategies. His efforts were vital in bringing Gano Excel onto the international scene. Under his helm, the company scaled to Hong Kong, Canada, and the United States. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

Having honed his entrepreneurial skills, Chua left Gano Excel to start a venture that would specialize in digital marketing. Bernardo Chua uses video coaching sessions to equip his clients with the knowledge needed to improve their business efficiency. Riding on the success of his first venture, Mr. Chua launched Organo Gold, a company that uses old Ganoderma, a Chinese herb to offer its clients with the best coffee and tea products. Mr. Chua leveraged his vast managerial experience to develop business strategies that helped him to remain on a competitive edge.

The successful entrepreneur would use the direct marketing approach to reach his broad client base. He believes that direct marketing increases product awareness, thus broadening the addressable market. Mr. Chua’s business strategies helped to scale Organo Gold globally, resulting in the creation of jobs opportunities.

Mr. Chua’s commitment towards achieving his goals has helped the company to grow into a multimillion venture. He has won several prestigious awards for his remarkable contributions to the business world. Mr. Chua looks forward to employing better business strategies to scale his venture globally and raise its standards.

Located in Canada, Organo Gold distributes its products through its one million associates across the world. Mr. Chua and his team at Organo Gold continue to formulate strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

As a result, their brand has continued to grow. Testing of herbs and all other products before distribution helps eliminate any perceived risks. Mr. Chua has spent a lot of time educating people the benefits associated with this herb.

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