Roberto Santiago Strategizes Amazing Maniera Shopping Area

Everyone in Paraiba knows the name of Roberto Santiago. Not only is he the largest business owner in the area, but he is one of the most prominent businessmen in Brazil. Almost three decades ago, in 1989, he established the extravagant Manaira Shopping, which is the largest shopping mall in Paraiba and in Brazil. Santiago is a serial entrepreneur and successful businessman as the owner of Manaira Shopping. In 2014, he also founded the Mangabiera Shopping Center.

Roberto Santiago began his career writing a blog about Brazil, and his articles were so intriguing and catchy that his name soon spread, and he gained a spectacular reputation. Roberto Santiago used his knowledge of the state of Paraiba and Brazil to invest in several businesses. Now at 58 years of age, he is a strategic engineer and entrepreneur of premier retail space. Read more articles on

The Unique Manaira Shopping

Roberto Santiago established the Manaira Shopping Mall in the year 1989, but by 2017, it has undergone five renovations. It is located in the heart of downtown Joao Pessoa, in the State of Paraiba, Brazil. Manaira Shopping is near downtown, which makes it very convenient, and Santiago has made sure that it is very versatile with every product and service you might need for everyday life. Food, clothes, general shopping, art, movie theaters and other entertainment are only the beginning of what is available.

Built near the north coast beaches, Santiago ensures customer satisfaction with tremendous versatility by establishing 280 stores and 75,000 m² of Gross Lettable Area. Manaira Shopping is larger and offers so much more than any shopping mall, in fact, it is more like a small city. It’s for the whole family.

There is just as much entertainment as shopping with bowling alleys, gardens, bars and the 11 movie theaters that offer films for all tastes. The food courts and restaurants have different kinds of cuisine for the different tastes of the customers, and together with the entertainment, there is a college and several banks. Santiago was thinking outside the box when he designed this, and the Brazilians love it.

At the center of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is Domus Hall, which could be considered a stadium. It seats 8,000 people and is mainly used for exhibitions, cultural festivals, and live concerts. This is also the place to be if you need to learn more about the Brazilian culture. Visit Mundo Do Marketing to read more.

Fabletics – Taking Over Amazon With Confidence In The “Athleisure” Niche

Fabletics has done what many other fashion brands can merely dream of, growing a $250 million business in just three years, where Amazon already holds the market share of over 20 percent. The company has a unique subscription model, which allows the customers to buy their monthly Athleisure products from the comfort of their home. Fabletics provides a personalized shopping experience by ensuring that it takes the preferences of its VIP members into account before sending them emails that contain a selection that’s suitable for them. Along with this subscription model and discounted price at which the products are offered to the customers, there are many other perks like a preview to sales and seasonal discounts, which the VIP members enjoy.

Fabletics has changed the dimension of what is considered of high value to the customers. As per the current economic situation, Don Ressler, CEO of Fabletics says that the customers want to be associated with a brand that is aspirational, offers a quality product, and value for money. It is what Fabletics aims to achieve and has managed to do that. The brand has also got initial momentum because Kate Hudson is one of the founders of Fabletics. Kate Hudson is a famous Hollywood celebrity and fitness diva followed by millions of women who aim to achieve a figure like her. As Fabletics is an Athleisure brand for the women, it has also helped raise the awareness among its target audience while offering quality products that fashionable and makes a statement.

Other than the highly successful subscription model followed by Fabletics, the company gained momentum because of the practical implementation of reverse showroom technique. In this method, the company aimed first to obtain popularity among its target audience and gain loyal customers. Once it was achieved to a great extent and Fabletics established itself as a brand that’s here to stay, it went on to open stores across the country at different metro cities and strategic points. It helps Fabletics reach out to further audience, penetrate the market deeper and expand its customer base. It is a popular strategy that is nowadays applied by many e-commerce portals that are well-established, and the pioneers who started this trend are brands like Apple and Warby Parker.

The customers in their review have mentioned that it makes shopping much easier for them and hassle free, while not costing a fortune. Fabletics has put those days behind when buying from a good brand would cost a fortune, as Fabletics has specifically kept the price point economic for the masses. Thus, many of the potential customers that now enter the Fabletics store end up becoming the VIP members, and not for the hype around the brand, but after witnessing the value, Fabletics offer. It is what builds up the loyalty and has helped tremendously in providing Fabletics sustainability in a highly competitive niche.

For customers who are curious about the brand and are looking to become the members of Fabletics subscription model, taking the new Lifestyle Quiz offered by the company is highly recommended. It would personalize the shopping experience while making it a fun experience.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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An Article On Oncotarget Talks About The Adverse Effects Of E-Cigarettes On Gum Tissue

An article published on Oncotarget confirms that e-cigarettes damages gum tissue. The study, which was conducted by two researchers from the University of Rochester Medical Center, is the first to look into the issue and publish its results. The Professor of Environmental Medicine at the University, Irfan Rahman, led the study. Fawad Javed, a post-doctoral student at the University’s Eastman Institute of Oral Health, assisted him with the research.

The study was prompted by the increasing number of people opting for e-cigarettes. This is because traditional cigarettes have been shrouded with loads of negativity, including findings that they cause cancer and harm one’s oral health. The new study will shock many smokers who believe that the new device is better and right for their health. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

According to Rahman, the study looked at the both the cellular and molecular effects of e-cigarettes on the users. The research found that flavors used in the product were the main causes of adverse oral health.

When one smokes e-cigarettes, he or she inhales vapors containing different flavors. Gum tissues absorb these chemicals. These compounds push the cells in the tissue to release inflammatory proteins that cause stress in such cells. To this end, it leads to various oral diseases. Rahman adds that the extent of the damages depends on how frequent one smokes.

In their research, the two scientists exposed human gum tissues to vapors from different e-cigarette flavors. They carried out frequent checks of the affected tissues while comparing them with tissues not exposed to the vapors. The result indicated that various flavors have varying effects on gum tissues. Download output styles at

Traditionally, an e-cigarette contains a battery, cartridge, and heating device. The cartridge is filled with a liquid that contains flavorings and nicotine. The battery is used to heat the liquid into vapors that are then inhaled by the users.

About Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a weekly medical journal specializing in publishing peer-reviewed articles on oncology. The journal is popular among medical researchers. Many researchers have gained immense knowledge from different authors who publish their articles on Oncotarget. Recently, the free-access journal was ranked first on Total Document. Its chief editors are Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V.Gudkov, who have made significant accomplishments in the field of oncology.

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Will Wen Transform Your Hair?

Are you looking for new hair care products that will be gentler on your hair but still effective? If so, Wen could be the solution. The hair care line, created by stylist Chaz Dean,, has helped a number of people restore the health and texture of their hair. Wen has even been endorsed by several celebrities, who say that the products work better than many of the more expensive products that have been used on their hair.

If you’re still trying to decide if Wen is for you, check out this Fig conditioner review by Bustle’s Emily McClure before making your first Wen purchase.

McClure used the conditioner for a full week. Emily says that her hair instantly felt softer after the first use. She used the conditioner on the second and third days and noticed that her hair was oilier, but looked and felt healthy. On the fourth day, she tried to give her hair a little more body by using a curling iron to style it. McClure also didn’t have time to wash her hair that day, but the conditioner still worked to keep her hair moisturized. Due to the oiliness of her hair, her curls fell after a few hours, her hair still looked shiny.

Overall, Emily says that Wen’s Fig conditioner is great for women who want to add more volume to thin hair. She also states that the product is effective for protecting the hair against heat styling.

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Transforming Medical Health Care Industry with Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is one of the prosperous professionals in the world of medical industry. He also is the head of HCRC Staffing agency whereby their major goals is to make sure that every medical skilled practitioner who is looking for jobs are totally attended and fully satisfied to find their job of their choice. HCRC ensures that every phase essential for a doctor, technician and nurse are fully met so as to make their clients happy.

A lot of medical professionals have the sequence of shifting in their jobs so that they can find a better job which they want. Likewise the jobs which they acquire do not meet their requirements of satisfying them in term of long term period therefore making them resign from the jobs or lose them.

The company guarantees that these types of medical experts are given job consultancy for assisting them to find the right work they want. Medical health care work is globally due to many people wanting their medical health problem known and attended to properly. HCRC states and make sure that they qualified medical professional secure this jobs. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

HCRC confirms that their employees attain skilled or acknowledge by a staff member of HRC before undertaking the work set for them, due to that clients are very satisfied and recommend others to them because they are aware and sure that they are in good hands.

Also to that medical professional who does not have all the requirements needed by the company the company ensures that both staffing agency partner and they come together so that they can help them to attain the requirements needed.

Brian Torchin has a bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from the University of Delaware. He is also the CEO and the founder of HCRC Staffing agency. Due to him working for many years in the department of chiropractic medicine he realized that there is a lesser job in the medical industry.

According to Glassdoor, the major aims of Brian Torchin at HCRC are that job is attained by the medical professional in the medical industry. He also makes sure that he provides good surroundings for his clients.

Turning Dreams Into Reality Like Doe Deere

In 2004, Doe Deere was a young woman from Russia that had her sights set on the fashion world, so she decided to create an online store to sell her handmade clothing. By 2008, she had switched her focus to cosmetics, establishing one of the most well known and recognizable makeup lines to date: Lime Crime. The creation of this line of products was the result of Deere’s inability to find makeup vibrant and colorful enough to match her fashion choices, but it has lead to an international phenomenon.


One of the most interesting aspects about the company is that since it was introduced in 2008, all of the makeup products have been certified cruelty free, and over the years, each of the products was altered to become completely Vegan as well. Deere’s goal is to allow users to create eye catching and distinctive looks without harming any animals or using any animal products, and it’s evident that these choices have not impacted the quality or limited the product line in any way.


Lime Crime was created as a way for Deere to express her own individuality and sense of style, yet align with the needs and wants of the makeup community. This is made evident by the fact that even after almost a decade, she is still the first to try out and approve of each released product – every shade of lipstick and color of hair dye has to get the Doe Deere stamp of approval before it can be sold to the public.


Each product is meant to be as unique and inspiring as the people that will buy and use them, making it important for Deere to take customer feedback and current demand into account when developing products. Her make up line is meant to help people express themselves at different stages of their lives, giving them an opportunity to continually reinvent themselves as they see fit. Lime Crime’s makeup products are not standard, they aren’t boring, and they certainly are not focused on a “natural” look, but Deere has never been concerned that they are too over the top; they are meant for the bold and daring, those willing to be true to themselves and unafraid to make a statement. Deere created Lime Crime as a way to set herself apart from the crowd, and years later she is still unafraid to take risks and be bold each and every day.


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Why Investors Need To Focus On Long-Term Investments Rather Than Product Labels

In an article posted on CNBC, equity portfolio manager and the Present Chair of Capital Group, Timothy “Tim” Armour revealed that he agreed with Warren Buffet’s opinion that the investment market has many mediocre funds that shortchange investors and charge them ludicrously large fees. He also stated that he supported the billionaire’s commitment to simple, low-cost investments that are held long-term.

Tim Armour’s Investment Market’s Perspective

Tim starts by warning consumers to avoid concentrating on product labels and the “passive versus active” debate, which does not serve them. He believes that excessive trading and high management fees lead to poor long-term returns. He believes that managers and investors need to rise above passive and active management styles and find a balance that gives investors high returns.

He continues by saying that in reality, passive index funds do not provide a cushion against periods of down markets. He adds that there is no sure way of identifying funds that will outperform. However, he advises the market to watch out for funds with high manager ownership and low costs of operation.

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Timothy Armour

As Capital Group’s CEO and Chairman, Timothy D. Armour is tasked with growing the group and its subsidiary funds. With an impressive 34-plus years dedicated to Capital Group, Tim was the perfect candidate to take over the Chairmanship seat following the untimely death of former CEO Jim Rothenberg.

Capital Group Partners with South Korea’s Samsung Asset Management

Capital Group and South Korea’s Samsung Asset Management have announced a mutually beneficial partnership. Capital Group cites that it plans to assist its Korean associate to familiarize with its “Capital-style active management.”

On the other hand, a Seoul-based representative of Samsung Asset Management emphasized that the affiliation with Capital Group would be essential in achieving the firm’s goal; to become one of Asia’s top three asset management firms by 2020. Tim Armour said that the overall partnership encompassed co-designing investment solutions that offer satisfactory results in the saving, retirement, and insurance-linked desires of Korean investors.

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Brad Reifler Explains How Investing Can Be Done Right

Investing has become something that many people have been afraid to do because they don’t always know what information they should believe and whether investing in certain stocks could be a big win or a major loss.

It’s true that in uncertain markets you have to be very careful what you invest in, but investment expert Brad Reifler encourages people not to give up on investing entirely or they’ll miss out on a great savings opportunity. Reifler is the CEO of Forefront Capital and is always keeping up with the markets and guiding investors down the roads where they can meet their goals. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Brad Reifler offers many pieces of advice to both longtime and new investors, but he tells them to keep to these three basic principles to be successful in investing. First he says investors need to look at other options besides just the stock market when investing.

While sometimes alternatives to the stock market are hard to find, they do exist and investors need to look into funds that have high yields but are also safe to invest in.

Second, he says investors should know exactly who they’ll be investing with, and what the investment company’s track record looks like. Who investors invest with does make a difference because they are trusting professionals to manage their money. And finally, Reifler says investors need to have a clear objective when they start investing and stick to that objective till they reach it.

Brad Reifler has been a part of several investment firms over the years and has changed the way he does business at each of them. The first company he formed was Reifler Trading Company, a firm that started out managing discretionary accounts but that soon became one of the largest futures companies that eventually merged with Refco Inc.

Reifler even partnered with Refco where he served as Director of the Institutional Sales Desk. While still CEO of Reifler Trading Company he founded Pali Capital, a hedge fund management company that catered to affluent clients by investing funds in ways that met their specific goals.

Crunchbase revealed that Brad Reifler later founded Forefront Capital which started out like his other two companies in serving primarily only the top 1% clients, but he decided he wanted to give everyone, including non-accredited investors a chance to open an account here. So he started Forefront Income Trust and today investors can invest in an IRA or shared fund for as little as $1,000.

Here’s What I Know About Atomic Design Rochester

The 30-Second Trick for Atomic Design Rochester

Search Engine Optimization, frequently known as Search Engine Optimization, is crucial to the success of your internet website in addition to your capacity to pull new organization. In reality, Search Engine Optimization and additionally the style of your site can’t endure with one another. As an issue of fact, Search Engine Optimization along with the design of your website cannot survive with one another. Search Engine Optimization together with the design of your site cannot make it through with one another. Search engine marketing is an affordable and very powerful way of advertising your site. SEO starts with a site’s marketing objectives to discover exactly what type of traffic or market sector the company would like to draw in. Therefore, if you’re searching for Atomic Design Rochester SEO, you’ve arrived at the appropriate place.

In case the website is suitably optimized and designed, more customers will discover your products and services in the different search engines. Though your site could come pre-made from the franchisor, in the event you have any adaptability to customize it, you will require no under a typical comprehension of both of these vital elements of promotion and marketing. Consequently, it is necessary for your internet website to find sufficient exceptional web content that is entirely related to your service enterprise.

Should you not own a site, we can build you a secure site with our internet design abilities. For people who have a website with various pages (e-commerce website, blog) then prices can be adjusted accordingly. Though your site may come pre-made from the franchisor, if you have any adaptability to customize it, you’re posting likely to need no under a simple comprehension of both of these essential elements of advertising.

Your site won’t be as painful to crawl, and visitors are likely to allow you to refer your web site to others readily. Thus, it is critical for your site to get enough excellent content that is wholly related to your organization enterprise. If for some reason you require a much more complicated website, we’ll suggest that you to the very best site Design company there is.

Here’s What I Know About BBB Business Profile | Atomic Design

In case you have a small, local business, you might not presume that you’re in need of an internet page a but believe again. The ideal web design companies provide customized options. There are a few Melbourne graphic design companies and finding the best company could be challenging. Seo businesses are critical in regards to promoting your business online. There are lots of atomic design rochester SEO companies, Atomic Design Rochester Search Engine advertising consultants, social networking mavens, and internet advertising firms on the planet. When the search engine optimization company is confident that the website has all of the elements integrated into it, a customized search engine optimization package is going to be evolved.

Guarantee your organization is noted in the right classifications so that it can be efficiently improved. When you employ a respectable company for SEO, your business is destined for more benefits. Using an SEO Rochester company will be able to help you drive more visitors to your site. There are some SEO Rochester MN businesses, which have been offering their high-quality services to their customers, both locally and internationally.

Dreams Made To Happen By Doe Deere

Many people have some major dreams. However, not as many people find ways to make them come true. Among the few that have managed to do that is Doe Deere. In order to look at people who have made their dreams come true, it is important for them to look at the differences between them and those that have not managed to fulfill their dreams. The differences are fundamental when it comes to their attitude and the work they put in. While some people may still fail even if they put in all of the necessary work to achieve their dreams, there are still some procedures that one should take in order to make their dreams happen.


One thing that Doe Deere has done is take her major dreams and break them down into smaller goals. This has helped her build a successful career around what she wants. People who have big goals often find themselves overwhelmed when they attempt to make their dreams happen. Another issue they are faced with is taking on their major dreams without insufficient knowledge. This often leaves them with the feeling of being in over their head. As a result, they don’t manage to make it in their dream field.


Doe Deere is also successful because she has the type of job she wants and is suitable for her. She runs a business in which she can work in ways that she likes. She is also able to sell the types of products that she enjoys which is make up. With her enjoyment of make up, she is able to come up with many different ideas that will help her customers develop the same type of love for her products that she has. As a result, she will manage to sell a lot of those products.


Doe Deere is an example of success. However, there are key differences in her business and marketing methods compared to others. For one thing, she uses a unique method of marketing her products in order to get her customers to buy the products and try it for themselves.


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