Anthony Marsala Receives an Amazing Honorary Award

Recently, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Anthony Marsala of Madison Street Capital was announced as one of the honorees of the 40 Under Forty Recognition Program. This program was established in 2010 and is run by an association known as National Association of Valuators and Analysts (NACVA). Additionally, it entails the selection of top 40 individuals with exemplary achievements in financial forensics, business growth, real estate investments, entrepreneurial skills, buyout and professional consultation among others. According to PR news, the nominees presented were highly competent and this made the decision making process complicated for the judges. However, the final decisions on the winners were given by the executive staff from Consultants Training Institute (CTI) and NACVA.


The 40 under Forty Recognition Program


According to leaders from CTI and NACVA, this program was formed to acknowledge efforts by individuals in growing their professions and serving their community at large. According to the judges the competitions were stiff since only forty individuals were to be picked from a group of 125 nominees with wide expertise and vast experience in the financialindustry. NACVA and CTI focus largely on mentoring and bringing up forward thinking leaders for the next generation in the financial sector. This recognition program is designed toidentify and enable individuals with abundance talent voice their ideas as well as get opportunity to grow their professions.


The versatile and skilled, Anthony Marsala is an alumnus of Oxford University and Loyola University where he earned his Masters in strategy and a Degree in information systems and finance respectively. Under his direction, Madison Street Capital has proved its worth by achieving high returns and growing tremendously in all its operations. Additionally, he has contributed to the development of winning strategies for this firm hence enabling it survive within the investment emerging market despite the major transition within this these markets. Marsalas’ expertise and opinions in business valuations and finance has given Madison Street Capital a strong and firm position within the international investment world.


About Madison Street Capital


This company specializes in providing financial advice, consultancy services, merger, business valuations and buyout skills among others. With a world class reputation, this firm enjoys serving its customers with result oriented services as well as personalized services. As a client in Madison Street Capital, you will always be a step ahead because this firm gives to its client’s detailed reports on emerging trends within the market. Additionally, all of its resources are channeled to market research thus providing the best.

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