Make the World a Better Place By Advocating for Human, Civil, and Migrant Rights Like These Groups!

Making a difference in the world takes putting beliefs into action. Although one individual can certainly change the world for the better, it often takes a team of people to start making changes. Throughout the centuries there have been multiple groups formed to improve the condition of life for others. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

Civil, human, and migrant rights groups exist today to advocate for citizens in multiple nations. Services provided by groups vary. However, every group has one goal in common, the betterment of those in need. Listed below are a few civil, human, and migrant rights groups in the United States.

PACH ( Phoenix Allies for Community Health) is a non-profit that provides free healthcare services to uninsured, undocumented immigrants, refugees, and the working poor. PACH operates due to volunteer services and provides a variety of high-quality care despite limited funds.

The non-profit provides services in the clinic as well as in-home services. A few of the professional volunteer titles include: bilingual nurses, physicians assistants, hypnotherapist, life coach, and reiki practitioner. PACH has a holistic and effective approach to helping individuals in need. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, co-founded by Michael and Jim, is a social activism institution. Journalists, Lacey and Larkin, are working towards changing issues of discrimination in profiling and incarceration. Furthermore, they are advocating for freedom of speech in Arizona and the Mexican boarder.

Trans Queer Pueblo is a LGBTQ+ migrant community that serves as an area of support and respect for LGBTQ+ migrants. This group provides numerous services that benefit the LGBTQ+ community.

At Clinica Liberacion founded by Trans Queer Peublo free health care services are provided to undocumented LGBTQ+ patients. Furthermore, Clinica Liberacion works to advocate and educate the community about a healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, the group provides a safe place to reside for individual recently revealing their sexual preference. Mundo de Sabores founded by Trans Queer Pueblo provides employment training and job training opportunities.

Si Se Peude Foundation was founded as an attempt to aid underprivileged children with homework and provide an opportunity for extracurricular activities. The foundation strongly promotes STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Furthermore, Si Se Peude Foundation has a Scholars Program that consists of student workshops that help high school students bring up grades and prepare for higher education.

A few of the involvements of the institution include: FIRST Lego League, FIRST Robotics Competition, math, algebra, and calculus sessions on Saturdays, and an underwater robotics competition called Arizona SeaPerch. The goal of Si Se Peude Foundation is to promote a love for learning and provide a community for student support.

When individuals meet together as a group to overcome the many detrimental obstacles people face in life they form a strong unison with wide ranging skills and experiences. Although each organization listed have separate goals in mind, every organization is working towards the ultimate goal of improving the lives of other people.

It appears the groups listed have all been quite effective in their paths to make the world a better place.

Tony Petrello – A Life Well Lived

No one has as much power to influence our feelings more so than old friends. Most of the time an old friend can make us feel up when we feel down. However if you are Lloyd Groves than you just had a friend make you feel that you failed miserably in life and more information click here.


Lloyd Groves is an author and writer who recently published a piece in the Daily Beast concerning AP’s list of highest paid CEOs. Normally Lloyd does not care about such things but today was different. His old college roommate, Tony Petrello, was at the top of the list making a total of $68.2 million in compensation that year. Lloyd can be quoted as saying he felt “depression, hopelessness, envy, and a host of other unworthy emotions” at seeing how much his friend had achieved and how little he himself had done.


Lloyd discovered that over the year Tony had earned an undergraduate and graduate degree in Mathematics from the prestigious university of Yale. If that wasn’t enough, Tony also had earned a justice degree at Harvard University. Tony would combine these two unlikely degrees and become a force to be reckoned with in the world of corporate law.


Lloyd saw that Tony worked for the law firm “Baker and McKenzie” for twelve years before moving on to Nabors Industries. Once he arrived at Nabors Industries Tony would skyrocket to the top. Tony began as the Chief Operating Officer where he would be instrumental in moving Nabors Industries off shore to the country of Bermuda. He would be promoted to company president in 1992, Chief Executive Officer in 2011, and Chairman of the Board in 2012.


Lloyd would also find that his friend Tony was not just successful in business but also had a kind heart. After the premature death of Tony Cynthia’s daughter, Carena, they would partner with Texas Children’s Hospital and donate millions to that cause and learn more about Tony.


When Lloyd saw a life like this he compared it to his own and found his life a little lacking and Tony’s lacrosse camp.


More visit:


The Growth of Bernardo Chua’s Company

Of the many individuals all over the world that have become influential individuals in the world of health, one individual in particular has been able to combine both health as well as cheap.

This individual is Bernardo Chua and is world renowned for his excellent products that have enables so many individuals all over the world to have access with excellent ways to treat any problem that will not break the bank in the process. Bernardo Chua is a businessman who grew up in the Philippines and who witnessed poverty and starvation from first hand experience.

PR Newswire believes that Bernado Chua decided that when he grew up he wanted to help individuals have access to healthy alternatives to expensive treatment. With the help of several advisors, Mr. Chua created a company that is known as Organo Gold, a company that was on trust and that was built on creating the best product of the customers.

Organo Gold is a company that relies on natural ingredients in order to help heal any ailment. Organo Gold consists of hot beverages that include tea, coffee, as well as hot chocolate that all consist of a special ingredient that is known as Ganoderma, a Chinese herb that has been used in China for hundreds of years. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

Mr. Chua has discovered the wonders of this herb and has been the first individual to put this product on the international market and to gear it towards helping individuals who wish to receive care and wish to live a healthy life without having to break the bank in the process.

Bernado Chua has built an empire based around trust. Mr. Chua has allowed so many individuals to join the Organo Gold team with the only requirement that those who sell the product must love the product as much as he does.

For future plans, Bernardo Chua hopes to continue the expansion of his company and wants to make even more products that are geared towards the consumer that are not only delicious and easily consumed, but also make every aspect of an individual’s day a better one that is full of health.

Central Jersey Working Moms See Omar Boraie’s Vision

Since Omar Boraie has been so successful, many people are able to recognize that he is a visionary and that he did a lot of different things that helped to improve the New Brunswick outlook. The Central Jersey Working Moms talked in an article recently about how Omar Boraie knew what he was doing all along even though many people thought that his plan was not well conceived and that he would have to deal with major problems that were associated with the building that he was creating. It was something that was a major problem for the people of New Brunswick and something that Omar Boraie was able to bring about as change for the city.

The moms know that Omar Boraie is successful now. He built a huge building in one block of New Brunswick. This building allowed people to enjoy all of the options that the city had while also improving the city with the office space that it had. People swarmed the area thanks to the brand new offices that Omar Boraie built through his company, Boraie Development, see He wanted to make sure that the building was good for offices and that was just the first part of his plan.

Once businesses moved in, Omar knew that people would be looking for places to live that were close to the company they worked for. Because of this, he chose to build the residential aspect of his development after the commercial was done. This was a high rise luxury living building and it quickly sold out as soon as the apartments were available for people. Omar knew that this was the right thing and he wanted to show people that he could do everything possible to bring these people to the options that they needed for living.

According to the NY Times, New Brunswick has been so much better since Omar Boraie moved into the real estate development field. The city used to be filled with crime and filth. While it still has a long way to go, Omar Boraie is going to continue making improvements with the city so that people can get what they need from it. He hopes that he will be able to show people different things so that they can get more out of it. He has major plans that involve both creating new commercial buildings as well as residential buildings for everyone to be able to enjoy.


View the company profile here:

Plan Corporate And Party Events With Twenty Three Layers In NYC

According to event planner Camille Styles, it is possible to host a stress-free party or event. To create a successful party or event begins with simple planning. Following a detailed checklist allows for organized planning. Next, Styles recommends getting organized with several checklists to monitor throughout the planning process. Such lists as a master list, a shopping list and guest list help an event planner organize every detail.


Event planning for holidays and birthdays often require a host to provide a theme. Creating a festive theme can set a fun tone for a party or event. After a theme is created, mailed invitations help gain anticipation for an upcoming event. Mailed invitations can be created through online stationary companies or handmade for a signature look. Once the event arrives Styles suggests to have a self-serve bar. Offering several types of liquors for guests to become their own mixologists creates a fun atmosphere. Welcoming guests with a sparkling beverage as they arrive helps guests to mingle together. Another option for serving drinks is to create a specialty cocktail with garnishes to match the party theme. As a general rule one drink is served per adult every hour.


Along with alcoholic beverages, a variety of appetizers can be served for dinner instead of a sit-down meal. To make different appetizers quickly for an event, Styles recommends shopping for ready-made ingredients. If an event is a family gathering with children, a kid’s table with simple craft activities can keep kid’s entertained. While kid’s tables are decorated for entertainment purposes, larger tables don’t have to be complicated. Keeping a table setting simple with natural elements to match the theme provides an event host with less stress and more relaxation. Finally, Styles suggests that before an event a private hour for relaxation should be set aside for the host.


As one of the best event planning companies in NYC, Twenty Three Layers offers both event planning and creative design. Twenty Three Layers maintains relationships with the most exclusive vendors to give clients the best worry-free and fun event. With exclusive venues, Twenty Three layers combines unique cocktails and bar combinations to pair with any menu. Classic and modern floral designs are also created by a talented staff along with entertainment services, photography and lighting. As corporate event planners in NYC, Twenty Three Layers specializes in full-scale event production for impressive corporate and private events.

Pumping Millions Back into Our City Thanks to Securus Technologies

When we arrest high-level drug dealers in our community, we often seize their assets and distribute them throughout the city to a number of resources. The police department that makes the arrest often benefits because we can either buy more police cars, safety equipment, or provide more training for my staff. We had a very troublesome situation after we arrested a very high-level drug dealer in our community.


Even though we were able to seize the house and vehicles, we knew he was hiding millions somewhere in our city. The fact that he had zero bank accounts and never used credit cards just confirmed that he was sitting on a huge pile of case, and we were determined to seize those assets so we could use the money to strengthen our police force and eliminate the flow of drugs to our children.


After months of dead ends, I decided to try something completely off the walls to try and find the money this suspect was hiding. Securus Technologies had installed a modern inmate call system with updated software that was going to bust this case wide open for us. The suspect was using the inmate phones, and he knew we were listening carefully, so may times his conversations were coded in ways to keep us off the scent. One call in particular was picked up the LBS software, and alerted me and my team to some interesting information.


It appeared that the person who was getting the suspect’s money from a storage unit was now in jail, and they needed a new runner to hit the locker to keep the flow of money moving. Once the location was revealed, we easily discovered which unit the suspect hid his money. We were able to seize over $15 million from that unit that is now funding our new narcotics task force thanks in part to Securus Technologies.