Turning Dreams Into Reality Like Doe Deere

In 2004, Doe Deere was a young woman from Russia that had her sights set on the fashion world, so she decided to create an online store to sell her handmade clothing. By 2008, she had switched her focus to cosmetics, establishing one of the most well known and recognizable makeup lines to date: Lime Crime. The creation of this line of products was the result of Deere’s inability to find makeup vibrant and colorful enough to match her fashion choices, but it has lead to an international phenomenon.


One of the most interesting aspects about the company is that since it was introduced in 2008, all of the makeup products have been certified cruelty free, and over the years, each of the products was altered to become completely Vegan as well. Deere’s goal is to allow users to create eye catching and distinctive looks without harming any animals or using any animal products, and it’s evident that these choices have not impacted the quality or limited the product line in any way.


Lime Crime was created as a way for Deere to express her own individuality and sense of style, yet align with the needs and wants of the makeup community. This is made evident by the fact that even after almost a decade, she is still the first to try out and approve of each released product – every shade of lipstick and color of hair dye has to get the Doe Deere stamp of approval before it can be sold to the public.


Each product is meant to be as unique and inspiring as the people that will buy and use them, making it important for Deere to take customer feedback and current demand into account when developing products. Her make up line is meant to help people express themselves at different stages of their lives, giving them an opportunity to continually reinvent themselves as they see fit. Lime Crime’s makeup products are not standard, they aren’t boring, and they certainly are not focused on a “natural” look, but Deere has never been concerned that they are too over the top; they are meant for the bold and daring, those willing to be true to themselves and unafraid to make a statement. Deere created Lime Crime as a way to set herself apart from the crowd, and years later she is still unafraid to take risks and be bold each and every day.


To learn more, visit https://websta.me/n/doedeere.