I Really Love How Magnises Has Made My Life More Fun

I never stopped to think just how great my life was until it was mentioned to me the other day, but I have to admit that it’s pretty good. I’m a Magnises member who has been in the club for two years, and I never think of going without my membership. Although I’m a standard Magnises member, all the benefits on Twitter that I get from my membership have been worth paying for the membership, and I think I easily earned discounts that would cover my membership fee several times over. This past year I only paid $250 for my membership, and it lasts for an entire year.

What I loved was the Fourth Of July party that was held in 2016, it was out of this world, especially the view of New York City. I love going to the penthouse that Magnises has because not only is you amazing but I’ve also gotten to meet some awesome people who have now become my true friends. My friends and I, who are all Magnises members, we go out to different clubs as well as events that are held for Magnises members. I attended the Samsung event recently, and I even got a free gift that I took home.

I my Magnises Concierge a lot, and I’ll check to see if any events are going on, or I’ll even just go to a great coffee shop down the street that the concierge suggests. I’ve used my Magnises Concierge to get a reservation at a restaurant that also gave me a free bottle of my favorite drink, and I easily saved $30 on that visit alone. When I go out with friends who are not Magnises members, they can also use some of my benefits, but I’ve always taken the time to tell my friends to get her own membership.

With 2016 coming to a close, I’m looking forward to the New Year’s eve events that will be going on, and I’m certain that even more great events await me in the new year. I also plan on getting a gym membership because I want to get in the best shape for 2017, and because I have a Magnises membership on magnises.com, I can get a personal gym trainer, which is just awesome. I even used my Magnises membership to get into a party in the Hamptons, and I had a friend trying to get into the same party at the same time.

While I was at the party, I checked on my friend, and she was turned away and couldn’t get inside, which made me feel bad for her, but I had to admit that it was great to have a Magnises membership at that time. I’ve even been to some premier events for new movies that were coming out, and it was nice to be in the mix for something like that. Magnises is just an awesome community, and I love being a member and encourage others to become members as well. Source: https://www.magnises.com/login

Doe Deere – Lime Crime Prime

Doe Deere is not a typical beauty business magnate. Her hair is blue (or purple or red, depending on the day) and her makeup and demeanor are dramatic. This is not the kind of person who shrinks into the background, but a fierce and lively force of nature.


Deere was born in Russia and came to New York at age 17. While in the big apple, she joined a band, went to fashion school – and created a web-based beauty empire. Lime Crime is the child of Deere’s frustrated struggle to find makeup in the vibrant colors she craves and her steely commitment to unapologetic self-expression.


In 2008, she launched her own line of colorful, cruelty-free cosmetics and Lime Crime was born. Lime Crime derives from Deere’s favorite color combined with a passion to develop lipsticks, eye shadows, and nail polishes so vivid that wearing them is almost a crime.


Doe started small, developing her own products and achieving success while doing things her own way. She is an avid supporter of other women business owners and frequently accepts speaking engagements on finding your own muse and ambitions.


When asked by to Idea Mensch to give advice to budding entrepreneurs, Deere was quick to pinpoint an underdeveloped market. “Can somebody please start a line that makes well-designed, cute, colorful footwear for ultra-feminine girls like me? I would buy everything!”


The colorful mogul credits confidence as key to getting a clear picture of your market and in making sound decisions. “Trust your gut! There will always be situations where information alone is not enough – use your gut to guide you…Ruling with an iron fist is too old-school and I don’t believe it inspires respect in a leader. I strive to uplift and drive people to succeed through positive reinforcement.”


Deere is proud that her products are certified by animal rights groups. She seems to honor her convictions on many levels. Not only are all Lime Crime products cruelty-free, but Deere also donates to an animal rescue organization called Bide-A-Wee, a no-kill shelter in New York. She has three cats, two of whom she has rescued.


The biggest influence on her life, Deere says, is her husband, Mark. The couple, who now live in Los Angeles, met in New York 16 years ago when they played in a rock band together. She describes him as fiercely intelligent, insightful and wildly funny.


Positive Consumer Reviews Help Establish Good Reputation for Fabletics

As a young company, Fabletics has proven to be one of the most successful due to its favorable reputation among consumers. The company has received a number of positive reviews that prove that they are among the top women’s retail companies in the United States. A number of consumers have made a number of reviews about the overall shopping experience, customer service, prices and also the quality of the products themselves. As a result, Fabletics has been recognized as among the top businesses in the entire fashion industry. It looks to become even more of a household name due to the many positive reviews from its loyal customers.

Over the last two years, Fabletics has gotten reviews about the products that it sells. One reviewer claimed that the company provides excellent products. They said that Fabletics provides apparel that is of very high quality. The reviewer emphasized that the products are very comfortable as well as making them look and feel good. According to this reviewer, the products of Fabletics offer trendy designs and styles along with providing lots of comfort and flexibility. As a result, the reviewer was very satisfied with the products and rates them very highly.

In another review, a consumer talked about the quality of the companies’ customer service. The reviewer was looking to return some merchandise that was recently purchased. They contacted the company and revealed the reason why they wanted to return the merchandise. Within minutes, the reviewer got a response from the company and was able to discuss their issues with the products. During this exchange, the reviewer was able to come to a resolution thanks to the expertise and assistance of the customer service representative. As a result of this satisfactory experience, the reviewer informed other consumers that the customer service of Fabletics is excellent.

Fabletics was co-founded by Kate Hudson in 2014 and has emerged as one of the leading retailers of women’s athletic apparel.

The company looks to provide women with some of the trendiest and most comfortable athletic apparel on the market. Fabletics offers a number of products that women can purchase such as yoga pants, sports bras and also long sleeve tops. These products are often used to allow women to participate in athletic activities in complete comfort on a regular basis. What makes Fabletics stand out is its willingness to provide plenty of incentives to customers. As a result, the company has been able to grow due to a loyal customer base.